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Welcome to the website of the AASHTO Standing Committee on Finance and Administration, or SCOFA. We address a wide range of issues and interests including general administrative practices, civil rights, financial management, transporta​tion finance policy, uniform accounting procedures, human resource management, information systems, legal affairs, public affairs, and internal/external audit. Given the current economic and political climate, there is no shortage of challenges ahead of us in the area of transportation finance and administration. I hope that you will find this website to be a useful resource in addressing such challenges.

John Schroer
Tennessee Department of Transportation

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Infrastructure Funding Outlook Challenged by Growing Impact of Vehicle Efficiency Rules

A new report on the U.S. vehicle fuel efficiency standards from 2012 says manufacturers are well on their way to meeting stiff 2025 requirements for average fuel-use reductions, and that may have strong implications for how Congress funds futuer highway and transit construction and safety programs. The largest sources of revenue for the Highway Trust Fund and for state transportation programs are excise taxes on gasoline and diesel fuel, which many consider user fees. However, the report shows that car and light-truck makers are quickly adding to the nation's fleet of higher-efficiency vehicles that burn less fuel, which means they generate lower average trust fund receipts. So even though total U.S. gasoline consumption and vehicle miles traveled have increased the last two years amid low pump prices, the addition of more fuel-stingy vehicles to the nation's fleet will see a fast-growing number of drivers able to travel more miles per gallon but paying less per mile in fuel fees to fix the infrastructure they use. View the full story in the July 22 AASHTO Journal​

USDOT Launches 'Build America Bureau' for Most of Its Infrastructure Finance Programs
The U.S. Department of Transportation used new authority under the five-year Fixing America's Surface Transportation Act to open what it calls the "Build America Bureau" as a new office to house most of the department's project finance units that provide grants and loans or technical assistance and information on bonds. "The Build America Bureau will be a one-stop shop to help develop projects and provide financing in a single streamlined, effective and comprehensive manner," said Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx. "It will allow DOT to be responsive to America's changing transportation needs and opportunities, so we can deliver real, tangible infrastructure development for local, regional, and national population centers." View the full story in the July 22 AASHTO Journal​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​



This regularly updated document tracks recent burst of state-level initiatives around the country aimed at raising revenues for transportation investment​


​View a comprehensive array of illustrative revenue options to address surface transportation funding gaps



  • ​13-17 November 2016: SCOFA Meeting, AASHTO Annual Meeting, Boston, MA​​​​

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All 50 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico have the opportunity to designate one official member on the Committee. For questions about Committee business and membership appointments, please contact Jennifer Brickett or Bud McDonald​.