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Welcome to the website of the AASHTO Standing Committee on Finance and Administration, or SCOFA. We address a wide range of issues and interests including general administrative practices, civil rights, financial management, transportation finance policy, uniform accounting procedures, human resource management, information systems, legal affairs, public affairs, and internal/external audit. Given the current economic and political climate, there is no shortage of challenges ahead of us in the area of transportation finance and administration. I hope that you will find this website to be a useful resource in addressing such challenges.

John Schroer
Tennessee Department of Transportation

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AASHTO Journal

Plunging Highway Diesel Price Spreads Cost Savings Along US Freight Supply Chain

The nation's average retail cost of diesel fuel hovered just above $2 a gallon on Feb. 8, the Energy Information Administration reported after its weekly survey of fueling stations. The weekly snapshot not only broke years of some price records and set a new one in the "clean diesel" fuel era, but is spreading a bounty of lower shipping costs throughout the U.S. supply chain. The fall in motor fuel prices is also bringing mixed benefits to state departments of transportation. The EIA said the average U.S. gasoline price fell another six cents a gallon last week to $1.759, and that crimps the budgets of some state DOT that are at least partly built from fuel taxes tied to the pump price of gas and diesel. Many states, though, are enjoying current low costs for oil-based pavement asphalt used for road surfacing. View the full story in the February 12 AASHTO Journal

House Committee Advances FAA Measure That Splits Off Air Traffic Control
The House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee approved a bill to reauthorize the Federal Aviation Administration and put its air traffic control operations in the hands of a nonprofit corporation, after a long Feb. 11 session of amendment votes and a Feb. 10 hearing full of complaints about the original bill. The committee approval clears the way for the full House to consider the measure, which has drawn bipartisan criticism in both chambers for its central change of splitting off ATC and leaving the FAA as air safety regular without direct control of air traffic. View the full story in the February 12 AASHTO Journal​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​


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  • ​24-26 May 2016: SCOFA Meeting, AASHTO Spring Meeting, Des Moines, IA​​​

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All 50 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico have the opportunity to designate one official member on the Committee. For questions about Committee business and membership appointments, please contact Joung Lee or Bud McDonald.​